Empowering the Skies with Next-Generation Aviation Solutions

Since our inception in 1979, Micro Computer Systems, under the visionary guidance of Tom Callen, has been at the forefront of aviation innovation. Our flagship software, CompuTrak, was conceived over four decades ago as a beacon of advancement in the domain of aircraft maintenance and tracking.

A Legacy of Innovation

Born from a legacy of pioneering spirit, CompuTrak has continually evolved, paralleling the rapid technological advancements of our times. Today, it stands as a testament to our enduring commitment to revolutionize the way the aviation industry operates. The essence of our mission is to offer a portal into the future of aviation maintenance—a future where efficiency and technology converge to create seamless operational harmony.

A Digital Revolution in Aircraft Management

With CompuTrak, experience the zenith of digital transformation. Our platform is a digital symphony of high-caliber features and functionalities that resonate with the needs of those who own, operate, and maintain aircraft. From managing intricate budgeting matrices and navigating complex maintenance schedules to optimizing inventory controls and streamlining purchase and work orders, CompuTrak orchestrates it all with an air of elegance and precision.

Discrepancies Why!!

Discrepancies, WHY!!! Absolutely, discrepancies play a crucial role in maintaining accurate records and ensuring efficient maintenance operations. Here's why it's essential to post labor to the work order: 1. Time Tracking: By posting labor to the work order, you accurately track the time required to perform specific tasks, such as removing an engine. This data helps in analyzing the efficiency of maintenance operations and planning future tasks. 2. Multiple Technicians: When multiple technicians are involved in a task, posting labor allows you to aggregate their individual times, providing a total time for the task performed by all technicians involved. 3. Cost Calculation: Posting labor contributes to calculating the total cost of maintenance, including the cost per hour of operation for each technician involved. This comprehensive cost analysis aids in budgeting and financial planning. 4. Employee Hours Tracking: It enables tracking of total hours worked by each employee per day, week, or any other specified period. This information is vital for payroll processing and ensuring compliance with labor regulations. 5. Payroll Management: Accurate labor postings facilitate seamless payroll management by providing precise data on hours worked by each employee on specific tasks. 6. Record Accuracy: By associating labor with specific discrepancies and tasks, you ensure that maintenance records remain accurate and reflect the actual work performed on the aircraft. 7. Task Purpose Clarification: Linking labor to the work order clarifies the purpose of the work performed, providing context for future reference and analysis. 8. Maintenance Sequence History: Posting labor builds a comprehensive history of maintenance functions, detailing the sequence of tasks performed on the aircraft over time. This historical data aids in static analysis and informs future maintenance decisions. By diligently posting labor to work orders, you not only maintain accurate records but also lay the foundation for informed decision-making and optimized maintenance processes in the long run.

Trusted by the Guardians of the Sky

Our esteemed clientele spans the vanguard of Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies, who have entrusted their enterprise operations to the capable digital hands of CompuTrak. They have borne witness to the monumental impact of our software, capturing the true value of its design—maximizing operational efficacy, fostering impeccable inventory management, and scheduling labor with unprecedented accuracy.

Embarking on a New Horizon

As we continue to navigate the skies of innovation, we are constantly expanding our horizons, integrating cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to shape the future of aviation maintenance tracking. Join us as we soar into the future, where every byte and pixel is calibrated for the elevation of your aviation enterprise.